Who We Are

The Loving Arms Charitable Organisation was born from the dream of our founder, Linda Coghlin, the hard work of our volunteers, and the generous contributions made for the purchase of property, development and construction of the School of Hope in San Andrés Itzapa in 2013, a town in Chimaltenango, Guatemala with a population of 24,992 (2018 census).
Loving Arms School of Hope was approved in 2022 by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education (Spanish: Ministerio de Educación or MINEDUC) to offer high-quality education to middle-school classes for our 6th-grade graduates of the School of Hope. We aim to provide long-term, high-quality education in the host country and meet the short-term needs of more than 200 children. Kindergarten through Grade 6 is presently offered as of 2022.  We aim to build another classroom at Loving Arms School of Hope by the end of next semester.


Support Comes in Many Different Forms

Loving Arms provides services, resources, and education to children, youth, and adults in rural areas in Guatemala.

The support comes mostly from the sponsors who support us regularly, fundraisers and various donations from families.

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Our goal is to offer them hope and the opportunity to change their lives for the better.


In Parramos and San Andrés Itzapa, Guatemala, healthy foods are distributed to families of our school children each month,


Women´s Dairy Products Co-operative (Cooperativa de Mujeres de Productos Lacteos)

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