Who We Are

Loving Arms Charitable Corporation was born from a dream that Linda Coghlin, our founder had. With the hard work of our volunteers and the generous contributions made for the purchase of property, development and construction of the School of Hope started in 2016. The school is located in San Andrés Itzapa, a town in Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

School of Hope was approved in 2022 by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education to offer high-quality education to middle-school classes for our 6th-grade graduates. We aim to provide long-term, high-quality education in Guatemala and meet the short-term needs of more than 200 children. Currently we are working with Preschool through Grade 7 and soon up to grade 9.


Our history

Linda Coghlin is the CEO and Founder of Loving Arms an founded the Charity in 2005 after her first volunteer trip.  She immediately knew she wanted to do more for the children and families of Guatemala than volunteer a few days a year.  The Charity was registered with the Canadian Government in 2008.


Support Comes in Many Different Forms

Loving Arms provides services, resources, and education to children, youth, and adults in rural areas in Guatemala.

The support comes mostly from the sponsors who support us regularly, fundraisers and various donations from families.


Education Program

Our education program provides children with a high level of education so that they can excel. This program supports the student with education, school supplies, shoes, breakfast, and school bus.


Dairy Co-operative

The purpose of this project is to be able to provide employment to people in-need as well as to provide milk to our Cheese Co-operative.

Food Distribution Program

The people who receive and are part of this program are the people in extreme need: children, families, households and the elderly who are in a situation of economic poverty, as well as homeless people and others who are in a vulnerable situation.

With the Food Distribution Program we support approximately 40 families in the mountain villages monthly with these packages.

Women’s Co-operatives

Loving Arms always works hand in hand with the Guatemalan women to provide them with opportunities for work and growth. Through the different co-operatives we have, we can provide them with a decent job so they can help support their homes.

Our Testimonial

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