Our History

Linda Coghlin is the CEO and Founder of Loving Arms an founded the Charity in 2005 after her first volunteer trip.  She immediately knew she wanted to do more for the children and families of Guatemala than volunteer a few days a year.  The Charity was registered with the Canadian Government in 2008.

Linda Coghlin CEO and Founder of Loving Arms spent two years volunteering and fundraising for another Guatemalan NGO, she observed and learned not only the needs of a Charity director but also the many needs within the communities she was serving at the time.

During that time Linda was approached by several people in other NGOs and walks of life to start her own charity. When the timing was right, she gathered several good friends to help her move forward and a board of directors was formed and the charity registration process was started.

During the first several years, Linda took teams and worked in her free time and vacation time, to manage the charity. The work was endless and finally giving up corporate work, Linda moved full-time into the position of CEO to run the charity.


Linda has a passion for the people in Guatemala and feels this is her purpose in life.  Her friends and family have joined many of her team trips and they continue to support her fundraising activities along with the Board of Directors and the staff in Guatemala.

Linda spent much time speaking to the people in the villages, the leaders of the villages and other officials to determine the needs in each community. A school was started for Mayan children who would otherwise not attend school.  The Board and the team work together with the parents and others to help the school grow by a grade every year with a strategy in place for growth and self-sustainability.

Self-sustainment and paying it forward are key principles of the charity, focusing on a holistic approach to each child – mind, body and soul.  Loving Arms truly believes that education is the key in breaking the cycle of poverty which will improve the children’s chances of a changed and improved life.