Women’s Co-operatives

Loving Arms always works hand in hand with the Guatemalan women to provide them with opportunities for work and growth. Through the different co-operatives we have, we can provide them with a decent job so they can help support their homes.

Precious Products Co-operative

This co-operative started by making different disinfectant products to help the mothers not only start a business but also helps them support their homes.

This co-operative will help us open doors so that later on we can carry out different entrepreneurial training such as the manufacture of shampoo, creams, etc.

Cheese Co-operative

The Cheese Co-operative was born with the purpose of being able to obtain an extra source of employment from the milk that comes out of our Dairy Co-operative. By using our own milk, we can save money from buying milk and reuse it to make other products of excellent quality that can be used to help the homes of these women.

The women in that Cooperative began training to learn step by step how to make cheese, cream and yogurt. They are all excited to be part of this project.

Women who join this project will have the opportunity to receive important training to strengthen and start their business correctly, so that it is self-sustaining.

Chicken Co-operative

The women’s chicken cooperative started when Loving Arms was thinking of way for self-sufficiency and another source of employment for our people in Guatemala.

Chicken farms are currently growing in Guatemala’s poultry market, generating significant employment and income, which can be seen as opportunities for improvement.

It is very important for us to make projections for the future and to visualize the opportunities for employment and food satisfaction that our cooperatives generate.

With this project we seek to strengthen food security and help the family economy through the women who make it up.