Who We Are

The Loving Arms Charitable Organisation works to develop disadvantaged indigenous communities in Guatemala. To improve the quality of life for our clients, we provide services, resources, and education for children, youth and adults. We aim to offer hope and opportunity to changetheir lives.


We accomplish this by addressing their short-term needs while working toward long-term solutions to make people self-reliant. Two fundamental principles help to realise this vision; to provide income-generating opportunities and educational infrastructure designed to enable self-sufficiency, and to provide programs to help meet the basic needs of life and quality education. Our volunteer efforts give hope for an improved future for our clients. We believe in Excellence, Honesty, Devotion, and Dignity at Loving Arms.


In 2013, Loving Arms acquired a property on the edge of Parramos through generous donations. They opened the Centre of Hope (the Centre) to provide education to children, training, workshops and conferences to student families to empower the local community.


Community members have also gained the skills and confidence to start their businesses at the Centre.

To fulfil our mandate, we provide immediate community relief by sponsoring children’;s education, providing nutrition for students, working to develop the community, and working with Guatemalan families in the surrounding areas. We are positively affecting more than 2000 individuals, working with the communities to move towards self-sufficiency.