FAQ’S at Loving Arms

Can anyone participate in a Loving Arms mission trip?

Yes, if you have an interest in going to Guatemala to help the families there in some capacity, we welcome your application.

What types of activities do teams work on and how is it determined what the team will work on?

There are many different activities that include: working with children in the school, medical clinics, building a home, renovations or painting at the School of Hope, provide a workshop for the teachers in the school, help at food distribution, organization at the center, playing games with the children, teaching the women a craft, … the activities are endless. Each team determines the interests and abilities of the people going on the trip to decide what activities are completed.

What does it cost to go to Guatemala for a week?

The price of your trip depends on how long you stay, the price of the airline tickets, food costs.

Do you have any free time when you go on a trip?

Yes, there is a “Free day” every week. The team determines what type of activities they would like to do on that day. There are walking tours, volcano walk, shopping in the market, tour a coffee bean plantation, learn how to make chocolate. The costs are covered by the participant and vary according to the activity chosen.

Do you have to speak Spanish to go?

No, it is helpful if you know a few words. We do give everyone that would like, a few ideas of common words and short sentences.