Women´s Dairy Products Cooperative (Cooperativa de Mujeres de Productos Lacteos) project objectives include developing a profitable business model with low operating costs, high-quality products, and foundationally positive outcomes for everyone involved.

We formed the Women’s Cheese Cooperative as an offshoot of our Women´s Dairy Products Cooperative to generate additional employment and revenue from the milk produced by our Cattle Co-operative. The spin-offs keep coming!  Our milk allows us to save money and re-invest in other tools that co-op mothers can use to provide for their families.

As a result, we now make a variety of high-quality products that can be used to help in women’s homes.

In September, members of the Women´s Dairy-Products Cooperative began training by an experienced ‘fabricante de queso’ to learn precisely how to make high-quality cheese and cream.  All of them are excited to be part of this project.  They enjoy this fabulous success story in their local indigenous market… everyone wins, and Guatemalans love it!